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Repetitive strain injuries

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Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) can be caused by years of repetition where unsatisfactory safety precautions are in place. It develops over time and can cause long absences from work and therefore a loss of income.

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) or as it is now known “Work related Upper Limb Disorder” (WRULD) is the term given to damage to the upper limbs which is thought to be work related through repetitive use. This type of injury/disorder often affects the wrist, forearm and upper arm.

How does it happen?

Most injuries are caused by repetitive work without sufficient rest and recovery, usually accompanied by some element of force or twisting and lengthy periods where the body or part of it remains in the same position or awkward posture.

What has caused your RSI Symptoms?

RSI is usually diagnosed when the damage does not relate to a specific tendon, nerve or muscle and will often be attributed to a certain factor. It can be caused by many types of work, such as:

• Repeated use of vibrating tools

• Using a computer for extended periods

• Frequent repetitive movements, such as operating machinery

• Cradling the phone for long periods

• Heavy manual lifting

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